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Nils Frahm, Resonate Deeply

Cover story, Crack Magazine.

Blowup Artists

Feature, The New York Times.

The Afterlife of Broken Art

Feature, The Economist.

Welcome to the Cinema of Smells

Feature, The Outline.

Interview with Jenny Hval

The White Review.

About me.

I'm a writer and editor from London, based in Berlin since 2012. I write about culture – mostly art, though I also cover tech, music, film and whatever else I find interesting. I worked as Online and Associate Editor of Sleek from 2014-5. Now, I’m a freelance writer for the New York Times, the Guardian, The Economist, Frieze, The White Review, Artforum, and many more. In Autumn 2018, I was selected for Visiting Critics VIENNA by the International Association of Art Critics Austria.


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